Founded in 1988 by Jim Bussey, Formwerks Architectural Inc. is a full-service design house that possesses a portfolio of over 600 custom single-family homes and 2500 homes within multi-family communities. Formwerks has diversified into a comprehensive firm encompassing development under the Formwerks Boutique Properties brand, interior design, and in-house landscape design. Our international portfolio of single-family, multi-family, commercial, and destination properties bear the classic ideology of elegance in architectural form, standing apart without pretense.

Fueled by a desire to create homes that embody architectural and design integrity, we take pride in authenticity – exercising a mindfulness to quality, a responsibility to homeowners and the community as a whole.

Formwerks Interiors aspires to create an interior experience that is both memorable, and timeless; informed by the client, the architecture, and the project environment. Often, the mandate is to extend the architectural concept inward. Each project is approached with the same level of detail and authenticity, whether it is a new build, full or partial renovation, or re-styling of a space. Formwerks Interior’s focused range of services can be uniquely tailored to meet the needs of each project.

Formwerks Landscape approaches each design centred on the belief that the garden and outdoor space is a living extension of the interior expression and an appropriate neighbourhood expression and setting for the home. Valuing tradition and employing cutting-edge forward thinking through the understanding of each site’s unique features and potential, Formwerks Landscape develops legacy properties of timeless elegance and sophistication.


Formwerks is a full-service design studio.

Central to our practice, OUR VALUES are informed by a respect for design integrity, coupled with a mindfulness to quality and responsibility to homeowners and the community at large.

OUR EXPERIENCE spans over thirty years, with renowned expertise in residential homes and commercial projects. Our talented and highly skilled team of architects, designers, and technologists offer a fully comprehensive range of services unequalled in Vancouver.

OUR APPROACH begins by carefully listening to our clients and thoroughly understanding their needs. The process – a story that we co-author together – is organic, allowing for the functional requirements to be expressed within an artistic form. Our homes reflect a public mood for comfort and tradition with the elegance of classic styles.

We cherish OUR NETWORK of collaborating professionals, builders, technicians, and artisans, who share our values and, more importantly, our vision to create the most distinctive homes possible.