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Formwerks Architectural Inc. is a full-service design studio with a portfolio of single-family, multi-family, commercial, and destination properties.

Founded in 1988 by Jim Bussey, the focus was first on Single-Family residential houses. Asked to design renovations, he fell in love with the process and has done over 600 custom single-family homes with his architectural team.

The Multi-Family Architectural Design team was established in 1996 and has designed over 2500 homes within multi-family communities. Formwerks designed these spaces in consideration of the people living in them and to have the flexibility and the ability to grow with families. Under the umbrella of Multi-Family, Formwerks also works with clients to turn single-family homes into multiple-conversion dwellings in hopes of providing homes for the Missing Middle. These are existing houses that have been divided into two or more dwelling units while retaining the character of the main house, with an infill typically being built on the same property to allow for additional homes to be developed.

With the introduction of the Interior Design team in 2009 and the in-house Landscape Design team in 2010, Formwerks has further diversified into a comprehensive firm with multiple coordinated design disciplines under one roof.

Since 2011, the firm also branched off into development under the Formwerks Boutique Properties brand.

In 2019 Formwerks Architectural Inc. celebrated 30 years of design.

The common goal for all our teams is to design with the homeowner and community in mind, exercising mindfulness to quality and attention to every detail.